• Sexual education and sanitary pads support during covid 19

  • Female caregivers and students mentorship

  • Girl Children Mentorship

  • Women Entrepreneurship Training

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Creating Innovation and Capacities for Change

Who we are

Jamii Consultancy (JAC) is an indigenous Community development company working among children, youth and women in Kenya. JAC aims at empowering the children, youth and women holistically using appropriate Socio-economic development interventions through training and mentorship. Since its inception in 2014 JAC has worked through and collaborated with individuals, schools, religious institutions, community groups, NGOs and relevant government departments to equip thousands of children, Youth and women for life and lobby for the creation and implementation of facilitative policies and legislations for children, youth and women empowerment.
JAC is one of the pioneers in the advocating for women empowerment in Kenya and has participated in various programs targeting women.


A leading firm in promotion of integrated sustainable and equitable social-economic development in the community

Our Mission

To bring success to our clients, continuously contribute towards enhancing their corporate value, care for People and deliver results through innovation.

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